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Sep 15

Team Waffle Podcast – Episode 39: Death Torpedo

Hello Druids! Episode 39 is now available for your listening. Today the group talks about what we liked / didn’t like about Cataclysm, and what we are and are not looking forward to in MoP. Of course as always we discuss the most recent Druid changes as well. RSS Itunes Direct Nomnomnom.

May 28

Team Waffle Podcast Episode 32: Do Yeh Like Meh Codpiece?

Hello Druids! Episode 31 is now available for your listening. Today Graylo and Jasyla join us to talk about the latest changes to Druids (especially Moonkin), Jasyla offers her thoughts on Heroic Resto raiding this expansion, we look at the T14 armor, and the most recent Beta updates. Jasyla’s Twitter is here. You can find …

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Apr 30

Team Waffle Podcast Episode 30: WTS Juvenate!

Hello Druids! Episode 30 is now available for your listening. Today Juvenate from WTSHeals joins us to talk about Mists of Pandaria and “hybridization” with the T6 talents. You can find his blog here. You can also follow him on Twitter. RSS Itunes Direct Nomnomnom.

Feb 12

Team Waffle Podcast – Bear Roundtable

Hello Bears! This past Friday we recorded our special Bear Roundtable discussion. Join myself, Reesi, Fasc, Hinalover, Sunnier, and Vsteve for a discussion on Bears in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. RSS Itunes Direct Bears tank wit fase!

Feb 07

Team Waffle Podcast – Bear Roundtable Q&A

Hello Bears! This Friday (10th) at 7pm PST we will be recording the final instalment in our roundtable series – Bears. You will be able to watch it here: http://teamwafflecast.com/team-waffle-live/ Our lineup: Me: Moderator / TiB Reesi: MommaBearCat Fasc: Remember his boots? Hinalover: The guy that takes care of Rawr.Bear Sunnier: 10m Heroic Bear. Makes …

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Feb 06

Team Waffle Podcast Episode 25 – Pentagram Complete!

Hello Druids! Episode 25 is now available for your listening. Today we welcome a new regular member of the cast, a moonkin named Rona! In this episode we talk about patch 4.3.2, x-Realm raiding, Moonkin 4pc bonus change (and rant), and Dragonsoul nerfs! There might be a few announcements too ^-^ Here are the links …

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Jan 28

Team Waffle Podcast – Restoration Druid Roundtable

Hello Restoration Druids! In this episode you will hear Lissanna, Hamlet, Diziet, Synergy, and Beruthiel discuss (and occasionally debate) Restoration Druids in both Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. We talk about how Restoration Druids are right now, what we’d like to see in the future, what we think of the talents, and answer questions from …

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Jan 26

Team Waffle Podcast – Resto Druid Roundtable Q&A

Hello Everyone! We’re going to be doing the Resto Druid Roundtable this Friday (27th) at 7pm PST. It will be livestreamed at http://teamwafflecast.com/team-waffle-live/ Lineup: Me: Moderator Diziet: Tournament Player (most recently WCG 2011 in Korea) Beruthiel: 25m Heroic Raider from Falling Leaves and Wings Hamlet: Druid Trainer Synergy: Multi Season Gladiator Lissanna: Restokin and Druid …

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Jan 23

Team Waffle Podcast Episode 24 – Sooooo…..what’cha doin?

Hey everyone! So I had an unfortunate mishap while recording episode 24. The computer I use to record the audio for the MP3 up and restarted partway through the podcast (I blame Windows Updates). That means there is no MP3 for this episode I know that’s kind of a problem for Mac users because Apple …

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Jan 16

Team Waffle Podcast Episode 23 – Blow Your Mind

Hey Everyone! Our first episode of the new year, #23, is now available in MP3. Sorry for the delay, I really need to start doing this immediately after recording In this episode we talk about the (not so) recent tier set changes, what Kin Raiders thinks of class balance, and X-Realm raids in 4.2.3? Get …

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