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May 18

Team Waffle Podcast – Episode 91: BRC Items

Hello Druids! Tinderhoof, Jarre, Dope, and Sam join me to talk about BRC itemization, set bonuses, and PTR testing! RSS Itunes Direct Nomnomnom.

Aug 13

Team Waffle Podcast – Episode 78:

Hello Druids! Jarre and Tinderhoof join me to talk about the latest changes to Restoration and Feral! RSS Itunes Direct Nomnomnom.

Feb 15

Team Waffle Podcast – Feral Roundtable #4

Hello Kitties! Earlier today we recorded the fourth edition of the Feral Roundtable for the podcast. It clocks in at just over 3.5 hours long, so get ready for some serious Feral discussion about Mists of Pandaria, and moving forwards into Warlords of Draenor. On the show we have: Arielle – Host and Moderator Tinderhoof …

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Feb 10

TWP – Feral Roundtable #4

Hello Kitties! Since it’s almost beta season, that means it’s time again for another session of our Roundtable series. Our 3rd group this time around is going to be Feral! Who will be here? Arielle – Host and Moderator Tinderhoof – Mod for The Fluid Druid. Raider with Last Word. Finished US #46. Stenhaldi – …

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Nov 24

Waffle Bites – Kihra from Warcraft Logs

Hello Druids! This week I had the opportunity to ask Kihra from the guild Temerity some questions about being a Feral this expansion, and his work on his project – the new combat logging site Warcraft Logs. Enjoy the interview! Arielle: Hi Kihra, thanks for agreeing to this interview. Can you introduce yourself to everyone? …

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Jun 11

Team Waffle Podcast – Feral Roundtable 3

Hello Kitties! Last week we had our 3rd Feral Roundtable. I thought that the audio had been corrupted originally, but an intrepid MMO-Champ user Fountaiin managed to recover it! So here it is! Me (Ari) – Host/Moderator Tinderhoof – TWP Feral Host and Fluid Druid contributor. Dysheki – 10m Feral Raider with stalk and kill …

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May 17

Waffle Bites – Interview with Edgy


Hello Kitties! Recently I had the opportunity to ask Edgy – best known for his Feral theorycrafting work – some questions about himself, Ferals in MoP, and theorycrafting in general. Contrary to most of our “Waffle Bites” pieces this interview is purely text based, so you’ll have to read it instead of listen to it. …

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Sep 08

Team Waffle Podcast – Feral Roundtable #2

Hello Kitties! The special round-table episode we recorded on Friday is now available for download! Be warned, it is almost 3 hours in length. Be prepared for a very detailed discussion of Feral Druids in Beta from top-to-bottom. The panelists for this episode are: Arielle: Host/Moderator of TWP Alaron: Author of The Fluid Druid and …

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Sep 03

TWP – Feral Roundtable #2 – MoP

Hello Kitties! I am excited to announce the final roundtable in our pre-MoP launch series: Feral! This was previously announced on Episode 38, but our cast is: Arielle: Host/Moderator of TWP Alaron: Author of The Fluid Druid and writer for WoW Insider. Leafkiller: Feral theorycrafter and maintainer of the Ovale script for Feral. Tinderhoof: Feral …

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Aug 19

Team Waffle Podcast: Episode 37 – OvHvP

Hello Druids! Episode 35 is now available for your listening. Today the group discusses all of the latest beta changes and class analysis posts from Moonkin to Feral including set bonuses! RSS Itunes Direct Nomnomnom.

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