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Nov 24

Waffle Bites – Kihra from Warcraft Logs

Hello Druids! This week I had the opportunity to ask Kihra from the guild Temerity some questions about being a Feral this expansion, and his work on his project – the new combat logging site Warcraft Logs. Enjoy the interview! Arielle: Hi Kihra, thanks for agreeing to this interview. Can you introduce yourself to everyone? …

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Nov 12

Lissanna’s project: For science!

Hi Team Waffle Listeners! My psychology research lab at Penn State is using crowdfunding to try and get money for our lab’s autism intervention research project!¬† My research lab has one computer-based intervention, targeting face processing abilities in adolescents with autism. While our current intervention is turning out to be fairly effective, it really isn’t …

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Mar 15

Waffle Bites – Keeva

Hello All! In our third episode of Waffle Bites, Lissanna interviews one of our most prominent Resto bloggers – Keeva. I hope you enjoy the interview. RSS Itunes Direct Links to Keeva’s stuff: Keeva’s Blog: Keeva’s Resto Druid Guide:

Jan 16

Arielle’s Threat Spreadsheet v1.1

Cross-posting from my Blog: I updated my spreadsheet with more accurate Live values, mostly at Reesi’s behest. I was slacking >.> Most of my calculations were accurate within a very, very tiny variance (less than 1%). However Thrash is just completely messed up. I’ve tried every way I can think of to use Blizzard’s datamined …

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