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Dec 17

Waffle Bites – Sodah

Hello Druids! Those of you that are of the PvP persuasion are already probably aware of Sodah’s recent win at the 3v3 Arena Championships at Blizzcon 2013. I wanted to interview him earlier, but it didn’t work out until now. He was gracious enough to take some time out of his day to sit down …

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May 17

Waffle Bites – Interview with Edgy


Hello Kitties! Recently I had the opportunity to ask Edgy – best known for his Feral theorycrafting work – some questions about himself, Ferals in MoP, and theorycrafting in general. Contrary to most of our “Waffle Bites” pieces this interview is purely text based, so you’ll have to read it instead of listen to it. …

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Mar 30

Waffle Bites – Resto PvP with Sodah

Hello Druids! While I mostly focus on PvE (the carebear that I am…teehee) there are still many of you out there that like to PvP. In that vein I try to find the most talented PvP players I can to chat with me about the game. Fortunately for our listeners they tend to also be …

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Feb 24

Waffle Bites – Challenge Modes with Hamlet

Hello Druids! I had the opportunity to talk to Hamlet today on our “Waffle Bites” series. Come check out his perspective on Challenge Modes, Theorycraft, Developer Communication, and Balance/Resto mechanics. If you’re interested in checking out his challenge mode dungeon video guides, you can watch them on his Youtube Channel. Balance or Resto Druids interested …

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Feb 08

Waffle Bites – Guardian PvP with Crass

Hello Druids! I’ve started recording our interview series Waffle Bites again. My first guest Crass joins me from Stormscale-EU to talk about Guardian PvP, in particular RBGs. If you’re interested in Guardian PvP (particuarly in the next patch) you should check out his stream which is usually running during NA friendly hours. You can also …

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Nov 12

Lissanna’s project: For science!

Hi Team Waffle Listeners! My psychology research lab at Penn State is using crowdfunding to try and get money for our lab’s autism intervention research project!¬† My research lab has one computer-based intervention, targeting face processing abilities in adolescents with autism. While our current intervention is turning out to be fairly effective, it really isn’t …

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Jul 12

Waffle Bites – Redcow

Hey everybody! I know people have been asking for more “Waffle Bites” for some time now. Well I noticed that Redcow has been sending us a lot of people via her blog, and I wanted to talk to her to find out what all the fuss was about. So here’s the brief little interview! RSS …

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Mar 28

Waffle Bites – Falauris: Moonkin PvP

Hello All! Steve (aka Thulcandra) had a chance to sit down and have a brief chat with Alex (aka Falauris) about Moonkin PvP in Arenas and BGs. Falauris is a multi-season Moonkin Gladiator and currently holds a 2700+ 3v3 rating, and a 3300+ Rated BG rating. He is also a member of Adept, World #9 …

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Mar 15

Waffle Bites – Keeva

Hello All! In our third episode of Waffle Bites, Lissanna interviews one of our most prominent Resto bloggers – Keeva. I hope you enjoy the interview. RSS Itunes Direct Links to Keeva’s stuff: Keeva’s Blog: Keeva’s Resto Druid Guide:

Feb 28

Waffle Bites – Fasc

Hello All! In our second episode of Waffle Bites, Reesi interviews one of our most prominent Bear theorycrafters – Fasc. I hope you enjoy the interview. RSS Itunes Direct

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