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Sameach started playing WoW as a druid in ’06 to the sounds of “Cry for mercy; the reckoning has come!” and joined her first guild soon after. After fellow WoW player-and then boyfriend-Delvalroy joined guild, they quickly found a love of raiding and eventually took over the guild and have been co-GM’s of Knights of Shadows ever since. Having started out WoW without even knowing how to reply to a whisper, Sam mistakenly thought there was only one tree to put talents into, and ended up being a moonkin even after discovering other talent trees.

Raid leading with her husband soon became a full-time job and found them online every night to form 10/25s and continued to do so until the end of Wrath with being able to see majority of end game content, during that time Sam discovered her talent for pvp’ing as both moonkin (when viable) and resto, entering arenas regularly and eventually finding a good 2s as a resto with a fellow pvp’er running prot pally. Discovering soon after they were expecting a little dwarfkin, Sam chose to shut down the 25 man raiding and is still bemoning losing her 2s partner to the real world and is carrying a torch for them (cough, Cy, cough) to return. Since then her and Delv continue to lead a 10 man weekly.

Still residing in Baelgun and terrorizing critters everywhere, Sam is currently seeing if she can reach 500 pets.

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