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I’ve been playing a feral druid since March 2005 following a mass exodus of my Planetside outfit to WoW. After a few sub-60 characters, I settled on my druid on Stonemaul. I mostly did world PvP and battlegrounds (0/30/21 for life!) but was very casual. I left the game shortly after the release of Burning Crusade. After a long hiatus, I came back around the release of Sunwell and spent my time ganking unfortunate horde in Quel’Danas.

In Wrath, I started taking the game more seriously, co-founding and main tanking for Eternal Anarchy through the end of ToC. With the release of ICC, a group of us split of to form a more serious 10 man guild (R A I D), in addition to running a successful 25 man filled with alts of top Stonemaul guilds. Unfortunately, both myself and R A I D’s guild leader/good friend had life issues come up and we both stopped playing for a few months.

Near the end of summer ’10, I started playing again with former R A I D members, tanking for another casual 25 man guild. After 1 too many ice blocks on Sindragosa and the resulting guild drama, we found a new home in Pandemic, a 25 man heroic progression guild. I raided with Pandemic throughout Cata as feral dps and occasional off-tank.

Currently, I am focused elsewhere game-wise as I do not have the time to raid. I work as a game/app developer for mobile platforms while finishing school.

Twitter: @Hackx

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