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I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since shortly before the original ZA came out back in TBC. My paladin was my first level 70 and became my main, and I tanked Kara and a few 25-mans near the end of TBC with my guild, Knights of Shadows (Baelgun-US). I have been current in raiding ever since then, with the exception of Firelands, when I took a break from the game and from being guild master of our small raiding guild. I am currently co-GM with my wife, Sameach, who plays a moonkin druid. She is the reason I got into theorycrafting; when I approached Astrylian, then leader of the Rawr project, to volunteer to write a module, protection paladin had already been taken, but moonkin was my second choice and I quickly got immersed in the theorycrafting community and in druid math. I currently maintain both modules on a more-or-less steady basis with what free time I have between work and raiding.

In my non-raiding hours, I am a programmer at a small consulting firm, and when I’m not doing either one, you can usually find me working on a car or other mechanical project.

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