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Like most on Team Waffle, Clay started playing WoW in the early days of Vanilla. From the very first, he was always an avid PvPer – rather than spend any time Raiding, he spent all of his time dueling, ganking, or playing battlegrounds.

When Arenas were first released, he fell in love with them immediately – often playing several hundred arenas matches in a week. His addiction to arenas is so great, he normally splits his characters between casual teams with friends, trade channel pugs, and more serious teams. With about 15,000 arena matches played across four characters, he’s played everything from double healer 2v2 in the 1300s to 2300 3v3 and 5v5.

Drawing on that experience, Clay was the author of the Feral PvP guide in wotlk and has since been giving feral pvp advice on the druid message boards. By far his favorite character; his druid has mostly been in the honored position of playing with real-life friends. It was only in the last weeks of Season 9, that he had been availabe to seek competitive teams with his feral. In that time frame, he has broken the 2k 2v2 barrier and climbed to the heart-breaking 3v3 rating of 1992 on two separate occasions.

(Clay also played an alliance feral to 2k 3v3 in S1)

He aspires to make Clay his 3rd character to break the 2200 mark in 3v3.

In real life, Clay is a world backpacking scientist. He’s hiked the great wall of China, climbed the pyramids at Giza, and survived ‘the wall of death’ at a european metal fest. He also greatly enjoys trolling trolls and arguing on the interwebs… so lookout!

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