About Team Waffle

Team Waffle is a small group of World of Warcraft Druids that has collectively produced and maintained the majority of the body of knowledge available on the official forums.  Occasionally trolls like to post really absurd threads full of QQ and nonsense.  We combat them with waffles.  Unfortunately sometimes this means we get the 72hour ban-hammer because of it.

Regardless, we remain committed to providing the Druid community with accurate and valuable information that they can adapt to their own play-style.  You can never tell someone exactly how they should play, merely make suggestions that they will then use to enhance their current play-style.

Every 2 weeks, Team Waffle will gather together to record a Podcast about what cool things we’ve done, applicable WoW news, a “trending” topic and finish with a Q&A session. We’ll try and get some guests from the community to join us periodically for your entertainment.

The Team Waffle Podcast is brought to you by:

  • Arielle (@riftmaker) of The Inconspicuous Bear
  • Tinderhoof (@Tinderhoof) of The Fluid Druid
  • Lissanna (@restokin) of Restokin
  • Clay our “PeeVeePee” Guy
  • Dopefish the developer of the Moonkin module for Rawr
  • Sameach the one who practically tests Dopefish’s work
  • Hackx (@Hackx) our streaming admin

And of course… waffles for all your favorite forum trolls!

If you have a question that you would like to ask us, shoot it off to questions@teamwafflecast.com.


In the beginning I played a Protection Warrior, tanking through MC -> AQ40. Partway through AQ40 I got tired of the game and needed a break, at which point I started my Mage. I played her up to 70, and was the Class Officer in a 25m guild until it imploded. Afterward, I putzed around …

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Like most on Team Waffle, Clay started playing WoW in the early days of Vanilla. From the very first, he was always an avid PvPer – rather than spend any time Raiding, he spent all of his time dueling, ganking, or playing battlegrounds. When Arenas were first released, he fell in love with them immediately …

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I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since shortly before the original ZA came out back in TBC. My paladin was my first level 70 and became my main, and I tanked Kara and a few 25-mans near the end of TBC with my guild, Knights of Shadows (Baelgun-US). I have been current in raiding ever …

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I’ve been playing a feral druid since March 2005 following a mass exodus of my Planetside outfit to WoW. After a few sub-60 characters, I settled on my druid on Stonemaul. I mostly did world PvP and battlegrounds (0/30/21 for life!) but was very casual. I left the game shortly after the release of Burning …

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I have been playing since around a week or two after WoW first came out. I started out as a resto druid, but then found my second love (DPS as moonkin) late in Vanilla (when they made moonkin spec possible). Recently, I’ve been doing both healing & moonkin DPS in my raids. I maintain both …

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Sameach started playing WoW as a druid in ’06 to the sounds of “Cry for mercy; the reckoning has come!” and joined her first guild soon after. After fellow WoW player-and then boyfriend-Delvalroy joined guild, they quickly found a love of raiding and eventually took over the guild and have been co-GM’s of Knights of …

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