Jan 13

TWP – Guardian Roundtable #4

Hello Bears!

Since it’s almost beta season, that means it’s time again for another session of our Roundtable series. Our 2nd group this time around is going to be Guardians! Who will be here?

  • Arielle – Host and Moderator
  • Buraan – Writer for The Inconspicuous Bear. GM and Tank for Divergent-EU. Finished West #52 10m, and is now re-progressing in 25m.
  • Ahanss – Tank PG Top Scorer, Soloer Extraordinaire, and tank for Eighty Six.
  • Kartog – Tank for Seriously Casual and TiB Forumite.
  • Fatsteak – Tank for Defenestrate. Finished West #68 / US #18 25m.

As before we will talk about the current state of Guardian Druids, what the panelists would like to see changed, talents, glyphs, and tactics. As always we’ll close with an open Q&A session with questions submitted by the community.

I’d also like to mention that I’ll keep my interjection to a minimum this time around, since everyone already knows what I think. You’re really just listening to hear what others have to think too :)

Do you have a question you’d like to have the panelists discuss on the show? Post it below!


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  1. Foulfellow

    First off, tip of the hat to Arielle…I’m so grateful for all your work on Guardians…seriously has brought bear tankingcso far!!!

    I do have a question for Ahanss in case it isn’t covered in general discussion: What do you find are the best talent/glyphs/specs for soloing…are there resources for interested soloers to look into?

    Thanks again, long live the Waffle Podcast

  2. Lyfa

    Mastery, mastery, mastery.

    What would the panelists like to see the new mastery be? What of Savage Defense? Tooth&Claw?

  3. Xoria @ Garona

    What trinkets are currently best for bear dps? Much conjecture out there.

    Love the blog and podcast. Been a bear since it was uncool in bwl. Many waffles to all!

  4. Wafflepanda

    Hey guys I do like the active mitigation system introduced in MoP but I honestly miss the cata mechanics that allowed us to break encounters by getting ridiculous amounts of dodge. Do you think they might make dodge more desired or do you think they will better combine both systems to bring the druids to the way I liked to play it.

  5. EvoV

    Hi guys.

    Bears have excellent passive defense through (typically) the highest armor and highest health pools of all of the tanks. Being the ONLY tank that doesn’t have any reliable preventative active mitigation ( absorb / damage reduction ) as a part of our active mitigation toolset, do you feel that encounter design, specifically boss mechanics, are at the core of a bear’s comparative unpopularity as a progression tank ( compared to warrior/pally/monk )?

    As a bear tank, I want to see boss abilities completely removed that either…

    A. Ignore armor ( but are still affected by Stagger, SotR, Bloodshield and Shield barrier )
    B. Hits the tank for all of it’s HP … ( unless you have Stagger, SotR, Shield barrier )

    I think that if these boss mechanics were addressed, then the class mechanics of the bear are fine as is.

    With regards to the tools that I’d like on my bear…… that most/all the other tanks seem to have..

    Better, even if it’s optional ( tallent/glyph ) magic mitigation. ( Shield barrier, Guard, AMS, Divine Protection )
    Ranged aoe pickup. ( Concecrate, DnD, Keg throw, Heroic leap )
    Raid survivability, no.. DoC doesn’t count. ( Pallies get Devo Aura and EF spam. Dk’s AMZ + blood worms popping. Monks blanket the raid in shields and warriors get an OP Dps CD with skull banner, and strong raid defensive’s with Rallying Cry and Demo Banner. ) Realistically.. while we have Hotw, Doc, and NV. They are all sub-par to the other tanks options.

    I feel bears really shine with their passive tankiness ( hp / armor ) and self healing. So, despite all the shortcomings, they balance out reasonably well…. except when fight mechanics include I feel like “ignores armor” is the equivalent of a boss that has an ability that removes it’s target’s shield. It’s completely retarded and I think we need to make blizzard stop the madness. There’s already a lot of things that ignore armor… they’re called magic attacks. All physical attacks should require an armor check.

  6. EvoV

    Bears in PVP in WoD?

    With damage output being normalized to having tanks do about 75% of a dps… how are they intending to balance tanks in pvp? Won’t all the tank classes become overpowered in PVP if they’re still carrying with them their survivability toolkit and able to put out respectable damage?

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    [...] As Arielle posted over at teamwafflecast.com, the Guardian Roundtable is upon us again!!  link to that post: http://teamwafflecast.com/2014/twp-guardian-roundtable-4/ [...]

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