Feb 10

TWP – Feral Roundtable #4

Hello Kitties!

Since it’s almost beta season, that means it’s time again for another session of our Roundtable series. Our 3rd group this time around is going to be Feral! Who will be here?

  • Arielle – Host and Moderator
  • Tinderhoof – Mod for The Fluid Druid. Raider with Last Word. Finished US #46.
  • Stenhaldi – DPS for Midwinter. Finished West #5.
  • Datah – Datah.
  • Yipz – Multi-Season Rank 1 Feral.

As before we will talk about the current state of Feral Druids in both PvE and PvP, what the panelists would like to see changed, talents, glyphs, and tactics. As always we’ll close with an open Q&A session with questions submitted by the community.

Join us at 10am PST (1pm EST) on Saturday, February 15th for the show!

Do you have a question you’d like to have the panelists discuss on the show? Post it below!


  1. qtcent

    when can we expect the vod?

  2. Elamari

    Hi guys I think I might have missed the show but I’m going to post some questions anyway.

    1. Symbiosis – Was having the soul swap / redirect good utility for the expansion overall?
    Do you think Ferals should get a similar ability baseline?
    Any design suggestions to make target swapping “easier / less difficult or cumbersome”?
    I like the concept of Death Coil with Sym – but suffers because no CP generation and not effected by Berserk. Thoughts?
    I used Feral Spirits from a Shaman a lot. Even though the DPS was low and finding a spare GCD difficult, the healing was good in some circumstances. I feel that the healing component was often overlooked.

    2. Base line abilities – The glyphs for SR, stamp roar and Cat Form I feel should become baseline. It would open up some space glyph slots for more interesting glpyhs and choices. Thoughts?

    3. Incarnation – Has been “bad” for PVE the entire expansion. FON is competitive now and a good difficulty counter pic to SotF. Thoughts on how to make Incarnation more competitive?

    4. Glyph of Prowl – My understanding that this removed the stealth penalty e.g. If my speed is normally 100%, prowl reduces to 70% when stealthed, the glyph then makes my stealth speed 100%. However I have noticed that it in fact, INCREASES my movement speed while stealthed and stacks with FS, boot enchant and Cat Form. Any explanation on how this glyph actually works? Multiplicative vs Additive?

    5. Bosses turning around to cast abilities really annoys me. Not the parrying this, but the inability to cast Shred messes up the rotation (aware of the glyph but it’s situational at best). When hit / exp is automatically capped for us in Warlords, will we still get parried if we attack from the front?
    Any idea if we will still get our energy refunded?
    Any suggestions / discussion on design changes or if other classes have similar issues or is it just me?

    Thanks for your time and I hope I got these in on time. Cheers,


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