Feb 15

Team Waffle Podcast – Feral Roundtable #4

Hello Kitties!

Earlier today we recorded the fourth edition of the Feral Roundtable for the podcast. It clocks in at just over 3.5 hours long, so get ready for some serious Feral discussion about Mists of Pandaria, and moving forwards into Warlords of Draenor.

On the show we have:

  • Arielle – Host and Moderator
  • Tinderhoof – Mod for The Fluid Druid. Raider with Last Word. Finished US #46.
  • Stenhaldi – DPS for Midwinter. Finished West #5.
  • Datah – Datah.
  • Yipz – Multi-Season Rank 1 Feral. You can check out his stream here.



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  1. Peter

    Great show! I really enjoyed how the different viewpoints on abilities and talents came out, both seen from each commentators perspective, but also the differentiation between PvP and PvE. This was especially apparent on the positional requirement discussion (I side with Data/Yipz: Keep Shred as it is now, please!).

    I think you dropped the ball a bit on ability bloat. As I understand it, it’s BOTH about simplyfying abilities across the board as well as saving up keyboard space. So, removing Soothe would accomplish that – but so would removing Thrash or Swipe. Actually, the best way to remove buttons for a Feral would be to remove one of either Rake, Mangle or Shred. That would actually bring the number of combo builders down by 33%. We could build Rake into Mangle. Another could be removing Savage Roar completely, which would also make Guardians more fun (shift to cat on some fights, deal at least some damage as cat, move back into tanking later in the fight).

    The point is that Ferals have 4 finishers and 3 combo point builders. Removing one of each would contribute significantly in reducing ability bloat – and Savage Roar has always just acted like a speedbrake anyway, backloading our damage and holding us back in PvP.

    The whole Enrage/Soothe discussion is complex. I just enjoyed the fun had with Soothe in Cataclysm, as few seemed to be removing Enrage effects on a regular basis. It always throttled warriors, sometimes even destroying them when their selfhealing was stopped. But now – well, I just liked the small extra layer of complexity.

    I also like how some of you advocated a return of Lifebloom. I totally agree – awesome spell tbh! And, we could get it back without ability bloat, my cast bar is vacant in caster form!

    The best suggestion was swapping Dash with Wild Charge – and giving Wild Charge a Ravage! Awesome.

    The discussion concerning Feral survivability was very interesting. I hope Blizzard devs were listening with care at that point, because we’re squishy in both PvE and PvP.

    1. Arielle

      I don’t think we dropped the ball on ability bloat. We considered almost everything that could be removed, and all of them (except Soothe and Innervate) preform an important function in either PvP or PvE.

      It’s entirely likely that Tranquility will get removed as well.

      Thanks for listening!

  2. John

    Feed address for iTunes is invalid. Thanks

    1. Arielle

      It works for me. Is there a specific error you get?

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