Jul 29

Waffle Bites – Jarre and PvE Resto in 5.4

Hello Trees!

Today Jarre from Rank 4 Healing Touch joins me to talk PvE Resto in 5.4. We cover items, talents, spec changes, glyphs, and more!



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    [...] audio can be found here: http://teamwafflecast.com/2013/waffle-bites-jarre-and-pve-resto-in-5-4/Before you listen though I have one final thing for you, a section of this post I [...]

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    [...] They also cover items, talents, spec changes, glyphs, and more! The audio can be found here: http://teamwafflecast.com/2013/waffle-bites-jarre-and-pve-resto-in-5-4/. Jarre also has some extra comments in this blog post of theirs. Check it out, it is [...]

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