May 18

Team Waffle Podcast – Guardian Roundtable 3

Hello Bears!

Earlier today we recorded our 3rd Guardian Druid roundtable discussion. We had quite a good group on the show to discuss glyphs, gear, talents, and everything in between.

  • Arielle – Host and Moderator
  • Ahanss – Best known for soloing old content and unorthodox problem solving.
  • Buraan – GM and tank for Divergent – World 83 10man.
  • Fatsteak – Tank for Defenestrate – World 46 25man (18 US).
  • Ohbilly – Tank for Unholy Trinity – World 42 25man (14 US).

Did you have anything you wanted to add to the discussion? Comment below!



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  1. Simon

    I find the guests not well prepared.
    You need to send them a list and let em prepare what you are going to talk about. It got silent way too often and repeating what the person just before said.

    1. Arielle

      I agree with you. This was by far the worst of the series (and since I already know who is going to be on the Feral one, I know it’ll be fine). Buraan is the only one that’s been on one before (Ahanss was on a show discussing something else).

      I would’ve loved to get Dex, but unfortunately the times just didn’t work for him. The fact there’s such a small pool of 25h Guardians didn’t help things.

      Anyway, you’re right. I’ll try to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

  2. Simon

    Hello again!
    Sorry if I got abit negative only!
    its great u have guests and so on and I always listen to you guys. Its a great podcast!
    I have thou a question about Mastery for you guys.
    With the new legendary gem for tanking, what will the new mastery cap be on VS a raidboss?
    Or is that not reachable even after the boost to 2% now?
    No big druid blog or anything brings it up.

    1. Arielle

      It’s fine, don’t worry about it :)

      As for the Mastery cap, I tend not to bother discussing things if they’re not actually attainable. It’s ~22k (iirc) right now, decreasing very rapidly as we go further along in the expansion.

      It’s theoretically possible to cap Mastery in T16 based on my current armor projections, but that would require gemming Mastery which is an incredibly dumb thing to do.

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