Jun 11

Team Waffle Podcast – Feral Roundtable 3

Hello Kitties!

Last week we had our 3rd Feral Roundtable. I thought that the audio had been corrupted originally, but an intrepid MMO-Champ user Fountaiin managed to recover it! So here it is!

  • Me (Ari) – Host/Moderator
  • Tinderhoof – TWP Feral Host and Fluid Druid contributor.
  • Dysheki – 10m Feral Raider with stalk and kill – World #75 10m.
  • Pawkets – 25m Raider and contributor for the Feral and Guardian modules of SimC.
  • Yipz – Multi-Season Feral Gladiator.
  • Datah – Datah.

Did you have anything you wanted to add to the discussion? Comment below!

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    [...] many issues with Incarnation to make it a viable choice. I sent this question in to the most recent Feral Druid Roundtable on the Team Waffle Podcast. The hosts echoed the same arguments I’ve made [...]

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