Dec 01

Team Waffle Podcast – Episode 64 – Happy Holidays

Hello Druids!

The gang’s all here to talk about the latest WoW news including Ghostcrawler’s departure, Stats, and Ability Bloat.



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  1. Peter Pinto

    Follow the podcast with great interest and in this edition, there is an interesting discussion regarding ability bloat.

    This time around, you remember the PvP aspect of druid specs – but you seem to think inside the box most of the time. You argue that some CC abilities should be removed because they are not needed in PvE. What you seem to disregard is that this argument is only true as long as PvE gameplay doesn’t require or encourage CC being used.

    The current gameplay, where an almost total disregard for CC in PvE is prevelant, is quite detrimental for the druid class as a whole. We have TONS of CC and, being based on DoTs/HoTs, we actually have the time in between doing other stuff to fire off CC abilities, without having our primary output shut completely down (resto HoTs still tick, Moonkin/Feral/Guardian DoTs still doing damage). This is a big strength for our class, but it’s value is eroded by the current AoE-model for dealing with larger groups of mobs that we have now.

    I’m not argueing against your points about ability bloat and which abilities could be removed – but it would be nice to hear your thoughts about changing the whole approach to mob-heavy fights to a more CC-oriented kind of gameplay, instead of “Oh look ma, I can do AoE with my toon as well – big numbers!”.

    Personally, I would love to have the need for more CC in PvE, especially since most classes now actually have reliable CC (which wasn’t true back in TBC, when we actually needed solid CC to complete heroic 5 man instances). I’d love more emphasis on a playstyle, where teamwork was both required and rewarded – just makes it more interesting and fun! It would also introduce the possibility to actually fail at 5 man content, which hasn’t really been possible in MoP so far.

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