Nov 03

Team Waffle Podcast – Episode 62: BLIZZCON

Hello Druids!

The whole group is back to talk about Blizzcon, while also covering the latest Druid changes.



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  1. Whitepaw

    I love your podcast – but a remark in the BlizzCon podcast seemed a bit too restricted.

    You guys were discussing talents and the CC tier came up – then one of you say something like “Who cares?” and the panel seems to agree on CC being a PvP concern – and nothing more.

    You guys need to be more open minded in my opinion. CC is only a PvP concern today, because Blizzard basically decided that CC shouldn’t be used in PvE endgame. Imagine how awesome it would be, if Blizzard reversed that decision! Druids have a LOT of CC – the Guardian spec probably has more CC than any other tank spec. Imagine how amazing it would be if 5 man instances actually demanded CC for survivability. You would see Roots, Hibernate and even the occassional Cyclone used on a regular basis, and you would see a whole lot more use of the talented CC (Faerie Swarm kiting, Mass Entangle etc).

    All these amazing tools and yet Blizzard decided to “nerf” PvE content to a point where they are no longer needed. Instead of following the devs down that faulty path, couldn’t you guys talk about how awesome it would be, if Blizzard added gameplay elements that allowed Druids to shine even more – as a class?

    That would be awesome.

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