Aug 04

Team Waffle Podcast – Episode 58: Depressed Kitty

Hello Druids!

I honestly couldn’t come up with a better name for the episode, so…..yeah. In any case Lissanna and Tinderhoof are here to talk about the latest changes on the PTR for 5.4!

if you want to participate in the Feral PTR discussion, the thread is here.



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  1. Whitepaw

    Regarding ability bloat:

    Seems to me like most of you guys just focus entirely on a raid setup, where you use a limited amount of the abilities available for us. Today, both raids and 5 man content is either “amg, AoE!” or “single-target that boss down!”

    It wasn’t always like that. There was a time when CC and utility was needed – and druids really shine at that. A Guardian is the tank spec with most build-in CC of all, but since Blizzard is building WoW to be binary (AoE or single-target), we are in fact indirectly nerfed in relation to other tank specs. Same can be said for the other druid specs – loads of CC and utility that never needs to be used.

    How about designing encounters to actually need that again? I mean, Blizzard gives all these interrupts and CC to almost every spec/class, but then trivializes a lot of content so you don’t have to use it? That’s dumbing down the game in my opinion.

    About the option to have abilities setup in categories in the spellbook: That’s a good suggestion. Maybe Blizzard could also let us save our action bars, so when I change content (pvp instead of raid, change a few talents etc), I could just load that action bar setup I had saved previously? That would be neat!

    I think a lot of people can relate to not using even the more mandatory abilities of your alts/off-specs. I’ve seen many players in LFR (where alts typically meet :D ) not using new execute abilities (rogue’s Dispatch, DK’s Soul Reaper). Implementing some changes to the spell book could help with that.

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