Mar 16

Team Waffle Podcast – Episode 50: Momma…..Tree?

Hello Druids!

Reesi returns to talk about 5.2, hotfixes, and Throne of Thunder!

During the show I mention that Cyous is actually starting to post Moonkin specific guides on his Youtube Channel. You should go check them out, he knows what he’s doing.



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  1. Treespring

    RE: multidotting for single target gain. This was mathed out on EJ’s moonkin thread (I think, specifically for Protectors) and the crit breakpoint to make it actually flat out worth while varied by eclipse but largely it was best case I think 30% crit and worst case 38% to be damage gain. It didn’t take into account QoL of actually being able to move and dodge the myriad of BS thrown at you in ToT. I’m personally just putting dots on everything, if everything is like 5+ targets, it’s probably only eclipsed dots because at some point you have enough dots rolling that every GCD for the next bit of time is probably going to be a starsurge.

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