Jan 19

Team Waffle Podcast – Episode 46: Trees of Sadness

Hello Druids!

Episode 46 is now available for your listening. I’ll be the first one to admit that I ddin’t really think of a decent title, but it’s still fitting I think. Today Chimerian joins the panel to talk about raiding as a Resto Druid at the highest level. We discuss PTR builds, set bonuses, PvP changes and more!

If you want to as Chimerian a question, feel free to BattleTag him: Chimerian#1628

The winning contest entries will be posted below.




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  1. Arielle

    Contest Winner:

    Fungal Harvest
    Requires Druid ( Restoration)
    Requires Level 85
    Your Lifebloom charges your Wild Mushrooms with 15% of its healing done. (Up to 33% of the Druid’s Max HP)
    Wild Mushroom: Bloom releases this charge, healing all players within 8 yards for the charged amount over 3 seconds, divided equally among targets.
    Wild Mushroom: Detonate releases this charge, dealing the charged amount in damage to all targets within 8 yards.

    As the charge exceeded certain thresholds, the shrooms would grow bigger and brighter!

    Design intent is to give druids some more flexibility during big damage spikes. The heal isn’t enormous but because WM:Bloom is off the global cooldown it is still a strong buffer. You can pump up your AoE healing or have them sit under the tank for when you’re out of range or he’s taking a beating. The lack of cooldown means you can have more frequent, smaller heals, or store it up for the big boss abilities that smack you down every 30-60 seconds. So any time you’re scratching your butt, waiting for something to happen, pop down a couple o’ shrooms, and they’ll pay back in dividends later!

    Did the boss just drop a huge patch of fire on your precious shrooms? No problem! The fact that the healing done is split means it will all go to that mage who had to be evocating right then!

    The flavour of the ability should be evident. The druid’s bloom is feeding the mushrooms – there is nurturing and growth, but also a little twist of how grim nature can be. I’d certainly have fun feeding my shrooms while wearing T15. :D
    I considered making an equivalent effect for detonate and giving it to balance, too, but a lot of the flavour is lost when your Space Lasers feed your mushrooms. They’re fungi, they don’t want flaming beams of light!

  2. Arielle

    1st Runner Up:

    Druid Base Line. Possible replacement for Dream of Cenarius, a supposed Level 90 “talent”. This spell is augmented by FORM not SPEC. The buffs are designed to grant a generic bonus to your performance in the role that form is intended to fill thus allowing enhanced hybridizing and more versatile utility. The theme is “rewarding supportive play” with the buffs granted to allies and the Druid intended to correlate with the role that Form is intended to fill but all buffs should be potentially useful to all allies, regardless of Spec and role. Activating the personal CD parts of the spell usually require sacrifice of personal performance but when used optimally the buffs granted to your allies should neutralize your loss of performance. From there, the bonus you grant yourself should equate to an overall boost for the raid.

    Boon of the Ancients

    12% Base Mana, 40 Rage, 60 Energy.
    30 second CD (Moonkin Form Only)

    The Druid calls upon the power of their patron Ancient augmenting their allies abilities.

    Bear Form: A target ally is infused with the Protection of Ursoc, reducing all damage taken by 3% for 10 seconds and causing any attackers to take small amounts of Nature damage (Thorns!). If an ally reaches 3 applications then the Druid gains the Protection of Ursol reducing damage taken by 15% for 12 seconds and reducing the Rage cost of all spells by 50%. This effect can only occur once every 90 seconds.

    Cat Form: The Druid roars bolstering nearby allies with the Ferocity of Goldrinn slightly increasing Resource Generation and Spell Haste of nearby allies for 30 seconds and granting 5% movements speed for each ally granted the effect. If more than 3 allies gain this effect then your Energy Regeneration is increased by 15% for 30 seconds and additionally grants the Druid and nearby allies a slight movement speed increase for 5 seconds. The Druid can only gain this effect every 60 seconds.

    Moonkin Form: 2.5 Second Cast. Surrounds the Druid with a refreshing wind granting nearby allies the Blessing of Aviana, giving all harmful spells and abilities a chance to do additional Nature damage based on the base damage of attack for 45 seconds. For each ally affected, the Druid is granted an additional 1% Spell Damage for the duration of the effect up to a maximum of 5%.

    Caster Form: The Druid imbues all nearby allies with the Spirit of Aessina increasing all healing done and taken by 5% for 12 seconds. If the Druid currently has a Rejuvenation effect on any of their affected allies then the Druid is given a Bloom of Aessina and regain 5% base Mana per application of Rejuvenation.

  3. Arielle

    2nd Runner Up:


    Great contest idea.

    In keeping with our hybrid class, I’ve fashioned a hybrid of Mirror Image meets Stampede meets the old shammy totem.

    In a nutshell, on casting you spawn 4 copies of yourself in shapeshift form reflecting each of the four specs – tree, cat, moonkin and bear – while providing totem-like buffs for a brief duration. Tooltip below.

    Forest’s Fury

    Casting creates four shapeshifted copies of the Druid: bear, cat, moonkin and tree. Lasts 30 sec. 5 Min cooldown.

    Bear – charges to target of target and acts as stone bulwark totem (ie shields/absorbs X damage)
    (ie, if druid targets boss, bear will charge to tank)

    Cat – grants raid members within 40 yards 10% speed increase. Cat runs circles around druid at 10 yard range, faster and faster.

    Tree – runs to and heals most injured party or raid member within 40 yards for X every 2 sec.

    Moonkin – casts alternating Moonfire / Sunfire on target. Small DPS increase, so to reflect this perhaps the moonkin itself can be pet sized?

  4. Arielle

    Honorable Mention:

    Fungal Explosion (1 min CD, no resource cost):
    Using this ability removes all applications of Fungal Growth on the target.
    Balance/Feral: Fungal Growth deals 1000 damage per stack to the target every 2 seconds. Fungal Explosion causes the Fungal Growth to detonate, dealing 15,000 damage per stack to the target and spreading one stack of Fungal Growth to every enemy within 15 yards.
    Guardian: Fungal Growth deals 1000 damage per stack to the target every 2 seconds. Fungal Explosion causes the Fungal Growth to grow wildly, hindering the target’s attacks. This reduces the damage of the target’s next 2 attacks per stack by 30%.
    Resto: Fungal Growth heals 1000 damage per stack every 2 seconds. When Fungal Explosion is used, it consumes all stacks of Fungal Growth present on party/raid members within 15 yards of the target. For every stack of Fungal Growth consumed, Fungal Explosion heals for 10,000, split among party/raid members within 15 yards of the target. In addition, it temporarily empowers the player, causing their next two Wild Growths to heal instantly and have a 5 second cooldown.
    Your critical strikes have a 50% chance to cause a Fungal Growth on the target. Fungal Growth stacks to 4, and lasts for 30 seconds. Stacks are not tracked individually.

    Nota Bene: All values for damage shown scale with SP (Since Feral and Guardian get SP from Agility, that works out fine)

    Glyph of Insect Swarm:
    Your Fungal Explosion ability is replaced by Insect Storm. Your Fungal Growth ability becomes Insect Swarm. This changes the spell animation, but none of the mechanics.

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