Aug 21

TWP – Moonkin Roundtable #2 – MoP

Hello Moonkin!

I’m here to announce the lineup for our 2nd Moonkin Roundtable to discuss the upcoming release of MoP. We have a great group, and I’m looking forward to learning more about our feathery friends (because lets face it, I don’t know much).

  • Arielle – Host/Moderator
  • Murmurs – Former Moonkin writer for WoW Insider
  • Graylo of Grey Matter
  • Dopefish – Author of Rawr.Moonkin
  • Hotted – Multi-season Moonkin Gladiator
  • And hopefully Roiddy will be joining us as well

As always we’ll talk about how Moonkin are doing in MoP currently, things we’d like to see changed, the talents, and end with our usual open Q&A. If you have any questions about Moonkin in MoP please feel free to post them below, or ask them live on Friday.

The show will start at around 7pm PST on Friday, August 24th. Hope to see you there!

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