Sep 03

TWP – Feral Roundtable #2 – MoP

Hello Kitties!

I am excited to announce the final roundtable in our pre-MoP launch series: Feral! This was previously announced on Episode 38, but our cast is:

  • Arielle: Host/Moderator of TWP
  • Alaron: Author of The Fluid Druid and writer for WoW Insider.
  • Leafkiller: Feral theorycrafter and maintainer of the Ovale script for Feral.
  • Tinderhoof: Feral theorycrafter and member of TWP.
  • Clay: Feral PvP theorycrafter and member of TWP.
  • Yipz: Cataclysm Feral Gladiator.
  • Datah: Datah.

As always we’ll talk about how Ferals are doing in MoP currently, things we’d like to see changed, the talents, and end with our usual open Q&A. If you have any questions about Feral in MoP please feel free to post them below, or ask them live on Friday.

The show will start at around 7pm PST on Friday, September 7th over at http://teamwafflecast.com/team-waffle-live/.



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  1. James

    Just a quickie…

    Is it still best practice to, wherever possible, refresh a non-TF buffed Rake with a TF-buffed Rake when there are =< 9seconds left? Or has that threshold changed? (I'm ignoring the concept of replacing Shred with Rake as the primary CP generator as I can't imagine it will be allowed to happen at level 90).

    Hope the show goes great! Time difference to too great here in the UK to listen live, but will be downloading the podcast as soon as I can.

  2. James

    Ok, another totally fun (non theory-crafting) question:

    What type of in-game item would the panel memebers like to have name after then (a la Toskk’s Maximised Wristguards, for example).

  3. Kuriara

    hola fellow feralz
    trying to find a recording for this TWP – Feral Roundtable #2 – MoP as i was unable to tune in friday night, anyone able to help ?

    1. Arielle

      I haven’t had a chance to edit the MP3 yet. It will go up today.

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