Jul 10

TWP – Bear Round Table Beta Edition!

Hello Guardians!

It’s that time again. At 7pm PST on Friday the 13th of July we will be re-starting the TWP Round Table series. Our first specialization to look at is Guardian. Who is on the panel?

  • Me (Arielle) – Writer for TiB / host of TWP.
  • Fasc – Author of BearCAD. Has a pair of boots named after him.
  • Hinalover – Author of Rawr.Bear and Rawr.Cat.
  • Wenselaas – 8/8H. Has participated in all of the raid testing to-date on Beta. Conducted his own tests in Firelands and DS as well.
  • Buraan (EU) – 8/8H. Guardian in the EU community. Has done lots of testing in dungeons.
  • Tinderhoof from the Fluid Druid may or may not be joining us as well.

The first half of the show will be a look at the current design of Guardians and our existing talents and abilities. As always the second half will be an open Q&A session with the community. If you have a question you would like us to answer, please feel free to leave it below.

Hope to see you there!

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