Jan 26

Team Waffle Podcast – Resto Druid Roundtable Q&A

Hello Everyone!

We’re going to be doing the Resto Druid Roundtable this Friday (27th) at 7pm PST. It will be livestreamed at http://teamwafflecast.com/team-waffle-live/


Me: Moderator
Diziet: Tournament Player (most recently WCG 2011 in Korea)
Beruthiel: 25m Heroic Raider from Falling Leaves and Wings
Hamlet: Druid Trainer
Synergy: Multi Season Gladiator
Lissanna: Restokin and Druid Class MVP

Feel free to post your questions for the group here. We’ll try to answer as many of them as possible ^.^


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  1. Dustin

    Will you please address the haste vs. intellect issue.
    at what point is haste trumped by intellect, how many ticks can you squeeze in before total throughput begins to dive?

  2. logtar (@logtar)

    Did the changes to the healing model in cataclysm do anything to make healing more fun at the top level, or is everyone pretty much back to spamming a couple of abilities once the gear is available?

  3. Katarnas

    Now that we have had nearly two months of 4.3, and a chance to try out alternatives to WG spam for AoE damage, do you think that the WG nerf was too much? Are you managing to compensate for it with other abilities suitably (such as as high as possible Eff uptime, rejuv saturation etc) or do you feel that we now just have a “hole” in our healing ability?

  4. Foofy

    How do you think the new healing mushrooms will work? Having to place down three separate mushrooms seems a bit lacking, its not so bad for moonkin who can drop it on the boss before the pull; however with healing, pre placement might not always work. Especially on fights where the group may be spread out.

  5. Ully

    Beru recently discussed the 4 T13 vs. 2T12/2T13, etc. on her blog. What do the other panel members think of the T13 bonuses and whether or not timeslip is a “good thing”? I find in the heat of battle I still have difficulty tracking whether or not a regrowth or rejuv has timeslipped and I probably refresh those early as a result. Just curious what the panel thinks and what their experiences have been.

  6. Ully

    Another, more general, question if I may: 4.3 was a bit rough on resto druids with the WG nerf and ongoing lack of a defensive cooldown, although I think in the end we still did pretty well. What does the panel think of the future of resto druidism based on what we can see in the MoP talent trees and other bits and pieces we’ve picked up so far about the upcoming expansion? Is the panel optimistic about our spec or will they throw in the towel and roll a monk?

  7. Jellyrawr

    Druid healers need much more defence , i have almost 5k resilience myself and i still die fast. While paladin healers use some pve gear. Druid healers suck in pvp do something about it plz.

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