Aug 24

Team Waffle Podcast – Moonkin Roundtable #2

Hello Laserchickens!

The special round-table episode we recorded on Friday is now available for download! Be warned, it is almost 2.5 hours in length. Be prepared for a very detailed discussion of Balance Druids in Beta from top-to-bottom. The panelists for this episode are:

  • Me (Arielle) – Host of TWP.
  • Hotted – Resto/Moonkin Gladiator
  • Graylo – Author of Grey Matter
  • Dopefish – Author of Rawr.Moonkin
  • Sameach – Tests Rawr.Moonkin in the real world

Unfortunately Murmurs wasn’t on so he couldn’t join us :(

You can find the Balance Feedback thread on the official Beta forums here. If you’re on Beta definitely come by and talk about anything that concerns you, or you just find interesting.

Podcast links below:



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