Jun 27

Team Waffle Podcast – LF2M Druids!

Hello Druids!

As you more than likely know, we’ve had a couple people need to depart due to real-life. Rona left a few weeks ago, and now unfortunately Reesi has moved on as well (<3<3<3). However we are optimistic! This is a perfect time to inject some new ideas and new talent into the show! To that end, we are seeking two (2) new people to join the show. While we are nice people and we love the entire Druid community, it is important that the standards we have set are maintained for the lifetime of the show itself. What I mean is, we want people that know what they're talking about. Ideally we are looking for people who:

  1. Are primarily Feral (Cat), Resto, or Balance.
  2. If you are Feral, you should have at least 7/8 Heroic experience. Preferably 8/8 Heroic.
  3. If you are Resto or Balance you should have at least 7/8 Heroic experience, preferably 8/8 Heroic. OR have at least 2100 RBG, 3v3, or 5v5 experience (not necessarily on your Druid). If you have a combination of the two even better.
  4. I totally recognize that PvP has been shit for everyone except Ferals this expansion, and will take that into account.
  5. Must be able to record at 8pm PST on Friday nights.

If you’ve made it through that and still want to join us, please email us at info@teamwafflecast.com. If you have questions feel free to hit me up on twitter – @riftmaker – or email the address above.



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  1. Lissanna

    Given that I’m actually only 5/8 heroic, there are exceptions for progression if you have a previous blog or theorycrafting experience you could show Riftmaker instead of actual in-game experience.

  2. Graylo

    I couldn’t commit to it every week. but I could make most if you need a balance.

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