Jun 11

Team Waffle Podcast Episode 33 – A Wild Fasc Appears!

Hello Druids!

Episode 33 is now available for your listening. Today Alaron, Sunfyre, and Fasc join us to talk about the level 90 talents, Guardians and scaling, and the latest changes to Druids. Clay also offers his thoughts on the new PvP philosophy blog.

Sunfyre’s Twitter is here.
You can find his blog here.

Alaron’s Twitter is here.
You can find his blog here.

During the show I mention that Hinalover is working on building the MoP version of Rawr. During the process he’s having to rewrite much of the code, so any testing you Ferals out there can help him with would be awesome. You can hit him up on twitter @Hinalover.



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  1. Rabidwild

    Horray! Thanks for the great podcast, always great to hear what other bears have to say :3

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