May 28

Team Waffle Podcast Episode 32: Do Yeh Like Meh Codpiece?

Hello Druids!

Episode 31 is now available for your listening. Today Graylo and Jasyla join us to talk about the latest changes to Druids (especially Moonkin), Jasyla offers her thoughts on Heroic Resto raiding this expansion, we look at the T14 armor, and the most recent Beta updates.

Jasyla’s Twitter is here.
You can find her blog here.

Graylo’s Twitter is here.
You can find his blog here.

During the show I talk about the US Official Forum feedback threads for each class. I’ll list them below so we can keep discussion concentrated in a few locations.

Lissanna’s Resto Thread
Balance Concerns by Lazurturkey
Feral Impressions Thread by Alaron
My Guardian Feedback Thread

Please come and post your thoughts. The more discussion there is the better for all of us.



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