Feb 07

Team Waffle Podcast – Bear Roundtable Q&A

Hello Bears!

This Friday (10th) at 7pm PST we will be recording the final instalment in our roundtable series – Bears. You will be able to watch it here: http://teamwafflecast.com/team-waffle-live/

Our lineup:

Me: Moderator / TiB
Reesi: MommaBearCat
Fasc: Remember his boots?
Hinalover: The guy that takes care of Rawr.Bear
Sunnier: 10m Heroic Bear. Makes Heroic DS10 tanking guides.
Vsteve: Current world record holder for 25m Heroic Haggara, Spine, and Madness. Best Bearcat in the world.

Tangedyn and likely Yawning will also be participating via chat.

In the first half of the show we’ll be talking about how we feel Bears are right now, what we’d like to see in MoP, and finish up with our thoughts on the specialization abilities / talents. As always we’ll finish the show with our Q&A with the community.

Do you have any Bear questions you’d like us to answer / talk about? Feel free to post them below.


  1. Randy Helzerman

    I can’t wait for this episode!! A humble request: could you go back to the format of examining each of the talents tier by tier? I feel like I got a lot of insight into how the cat and moonkin specs worked just by listening to the top players comment on the talents.

    Even if a talent tier is (perceived as being) weak or lame, it is _still_ quite enlightening to hear top players comment on why it wouldn’t be helpful–the negative information is sometimes as useful as positive information in terms of getting a deep understanding of how a spec works.

    Also, it strikes me that tier 6 might not be so bad for bears. For instance would heart of the wild or master shapeshifter allow you to do ranged AOE pulls with hurricane?

    Anyrate, I’m so looking forward to the best bears in the world constructing and deconstructing the MOP abilities.

    1. Arielle

      Sure we can do that. I kinda skipped it for Resto because they were almost universally terrible for Resto PvE, but some of them were interesting in PvP. So I didn’t want to have an hour of Liss and Beru going “these talents are shit” while Diziet and Synergy were going “This could be cool in situation X”.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Tornac

    In MOP Bear-cating is going away to a large extent. In reference to that:

    How sad will you be to see Bear-cating go?

    Do you think there is anything they could do to save bear-cating?

    Do you think the active mitigation will make up for the loss of bear-catting in terms of fun factor?

    Finally, what are some of your fondest memories of bear-cat?

    Thanks guys =)

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