Nov 12

Lissanna’s project: For science!

Hi Team Waffle Listeners!

My psychology research lab at Penn State is using crowdfunding to try and get money for our lab’s autism intervention research project! http://www.rockethub.com/projects/11877-autism-intervention-seeing-faces-as-a-whole

My research lab has one computer-based intervention, targeting face processing abilities in adolescents with autism. While our current intervention is turning out to be fairly effective, it really isn’t very fun. I think we can do better, but we need help to get the project started! For the next stage of my research, we are going to start building a new intervention which feels more like a video game, to make it both fun and effective! This new direction allows me to use both my video game and autism research skills to improve autism interventions.

Why does this matter to our Team Waffle listeners? Well, in exchange for donating to the project, like other crowdfunding initiatives, I am offering exciting rewards related to our autism research and I also included some WOW-related rewards! One of the reward tiers is an opportunity to be a guest on a special episode of the Team Waffle Podcast, to talk about World of Warcraft with me! There are only four spots available for the special episode!   So, Take a look at my autism intervention crowdfunding page on rockethub!  Even if you aren’t interested in being on the special episode, the crowdfunding initiative is a really great way for you to learn more about what I do for a living.

Thank you!


Lissanna of Team Waffle and Restokin

AKA. Dr. Elisabeth Whyte, autism researcher!


  1. Elamari

    This is definitely a great cause. My wife is on the road to becoming a researching. I understand the importance of funding. I would like to donate $250, but it is a large amount of money in one hit. Would it be possible to donate that amount, but over smaller installments and still receive the $250 benefit?


    1. Lissanna

      Hi Elamari,
      I definitely understand. I’ll e-mail you off-list to work out the details. :)

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