Mar 15

Waffle Bites – Keeva

Hello All!

In our third episode of Waffle Bites, Lissanna interviews one of our most prominent Resto bloggers – Keeva.

I hope you enjoy the interview.


Links to Keeva’s stuff:

Keeva’s Blog: TreeBarkJacket.com
Keeva’s Resto Druid Guide: RestoDruid.info


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  1. Keeva

    Can only listen to a bit before my boss gets here, so I thought I’d just listen to the start for now. Bloopers!!! Thanks for drawing attention to my efflorescence fail :|

    (I know how it works, I swear)


  2. Arielle

    I edited the actual fail out. But I thought that part would be funny.

    1. Keeva

      I laughed. The editing was really pro, you would never have known how I stumbled on it. Awesome work!

  3. Meeble

    I much prefer not being a tree. When I healed, as soon as content became fairly on farm I would heal it in cow form just because I loved jumping around as my great big cow. I was a rediculous healer though- sometimes when there was a lot of healing, I would stand on the spot spinning around spamming heals…

  4. Octahedron

    That healing shrooms idea sounds pretty sweet, it would make me look at something other than grid /fire on the ground when I’m healing. :O

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