Feb 28

Waffle Bites – Fasc

Hello All!

In our second episode of Waffle Bites, Reesi interviews one of our most prominent Bear theorycrafters – Fasc.

I hope you enjoy the interview.



  1. Ssunflash

    Fasc hit the nail on the head for me when he said, “Tanks are control freaks. We want everything to be guaranteed…I’m going to control everything about my gear, and I’m gonna overanalyze the crap out of it.”

    That, combined with me staring at a week-old combat log at the same moment Reesi is saying she nigh-obsessively peruses combat logs made me a happy panda.

    Keep up the Wafflenoms, folks. I always learn something new.

    ~Ssunflash, A-52

  2. dfv

    I thought this was a great interview, Reesi allowed him to speak at length without interruption. Great job.

  3. Dreddnought

    Love it! Great to hear both of you…I now read all your posts with your voices in my head. :-D

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