Nov 05

Team Waffle Presents: Feral Cat Roundtable

Hey Everyone!

I know I’ve been talking about this for a while now, but the Team Waffle roundtable series is finally starting! Next week on November 11th we record our first one, focussing one Feral Cat.

Our lineup is:

Myself: Arielle – Moderator and host of the podcast.
Clay: Our resident PvP contributor. Also does theorycrafting for Bear and Cat.
Reesi: Recently changed from full-time Bear to full-time Cat. Member of Drow (US-13).
Konungr: Cat PvE theorycrafter. 10m hardmode raider.
Hype: Season 9 Feral Gladiator. Currently holds 2200+ 5v5, 2600+ 3v3, 2400+ RBG.
Datah: Long time Feral PvPer and community member. Currently holds 2700+ RBG and is a member of the #1 5v5 team in his battlegroup.

Please post any questions you want us to answer as a comment below. They can be about anything related to Feral Cats. Or even just completely random ones ^.^



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  1. Hackx

    With the new talent system, do you think Blizz succeeded in moving away from cookie cutter talents? Do you look at all 6 tiers and see immediate “must haves” for PvE and PvP?

  2. Guntitan

    When should I apply Fearie Fire as a feral DPS(PVE and PVP)? I know as a opener I should be in Prowl, use Feral Charge, and then Pounce. So without breaking stealth do I just use Fearie Fire right after I pounce? I usually forget to use Fearie Fire until after I built up some combo points.

  3. Cantor

    What are your thoughts on Shred and it’s positional requirement? Could we see this removed in MoP with the splitting of the Cat and Bear specs, eg/ Mangle being given to the Bear spec as the bonus and Shred to Cats. Having played a Feral since release, this is the one thing that has bugged me for years, considering that we’re the only spec that is crippled by being unable to get behind a boss with the exception of Sub Rogues.

    Cantor, Emerald Dream (EU)

  4. Viasia

    With the MoP talent trees released so far (yes I know they might change) how do you feel about some of the choices we will have to make especially with the ones in the last tree.

  5. Daphné

    What kind a role (and playstyle) do you play in WSG and Twinpeaks RBGs ?

  6. Nezz

    Q: Do you feel feral cat is viable on Ultraxion heroic? Do you expect blizzard to equalize cats somehow on these kind of “no-shred”-bosses in the future?

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