Dec 24

Team Waffle Podcast Episode 22 – Ask us Anything!

Hey Everyone!

Our end-of-year Ask us Anything special is now available on MP3.

We cover some basic news, but mostly talk about random things. Join us and special guests Sunnier, Thulcandra, and Murmurs in some funny jibberjabber.

If we didn’t answer your question chances are we already talked about it in one of our roundtable discussions, will talk about it in a future roundtable, orrrrr we didn’t have any opinion worth listening to ^.^



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  1. Hoolijin

    Hey guys Hoolijin here from the Nathrezim server saying Happy Holidays…been listening to your shows for a while now and they’ve actually motivated me to start playing my Druid again. Keep up the great work!


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