May 03

Team Waffle Podcast – EP#9 – OMGFIREKITTY

Hey All,

Team Waffle Podcast Episode #9 – OMGFIRKITTY is now up!

You can get it here:


Today is all about 4.1! And we answer some questions >.>

Lissanna may ninja-edit some links in afterwards.

For our discussion about raiding with high latency, Garnaph’s guest post on Restokin gave some good suggestions.



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  1. Octahedron

    Today I learned:
    Thrash does a lazy 20k
    Bubble beats Nefarian

  2. Jey

    the bears in silverpine are called inconspicuous bears because they are actually worgen in bear form. there is a quest to kill them that explains this, but also if you go kill one it will turn into a worgen when it dies. Inconspicuous worgen would be a more apt name but it is what it is. And now you know what your blog is named after. And knowing is half the battle.

    also. is there an e-mail for the blog that you use?

    1. Reesi

      info@teamwafflecast.com, iirc. I’m bad. I don’t even know. :(

  3. Øtaku

    Yeah. the Bear damage is effing CRAZY.
    in random heroics i out DPS the DPS on a regular basis…. without beserk.
    With Beserk and Enrage with full KotJ its just not even a consideration.
    they die.
    i laugh. then link the meters to the DPS and ask “WHERES YOUR DEEPZ NOW?”

  4. Garnaph

    Yay 5 seconds of fame <3

    1. Lissanna

      Sorry I was a little late approving your comment. >.>

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