Sep 18

Team Waffle Podcast – Doubleheader!

Hey Everyone!

Today we have a doubleheader! Episodes 15 and 16 are now up for you to listen!

Episode 15:

~ We go over some (not so recent) hotfixes that affect Druids.
~ Some blue posts about Feral PvP
~ Shoutout to the Raid documentary


Episode 16:

~ We talk about GC’s Active Mitigation and Threat blogs
~ Some hotfixes to the various 4pc T12 set bonuses
~ Starfall fixed. Again.
~ Vengeance generates through partial absorbs.
~ Transmogrification
~ Shoutout to the Convert to Raid podcast





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  1. Gameldar

    Comment for pulling as bears question in Episode 15 – don’t forget Wild Mushrooms! On bigger AoE pulls (that you don’t have to worry about CC) it is definitely worth using.

    You’ll want a macro to do it – so that you get the bear threat multiplier. You used to be able to include a switch from gearsets (so you could get moonkin spellpower levels) – but that got nerfed with 4.2 (can’t use /equipset in combat anymore). The one I use (going off memory here):

    /cast Wild Mushrooms:Detonate
    /cast Bear Form

  2. Isara

    Am i the only one who can’t hear Lissana in episode 16 at all?

    1. Arielle

      I should have fixed that yesterday, try downloading it again.

      1. Isara

        Ah thx, i downloaded it 1 or 2 days before actually listening to it.

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