Jan 16

Arielle’s Threat Spreadsheet v1.1

Cross-posting from my Blog:

I updated my spreadsheet with more accurate Live values, mostly at Reesi’s behest. I was slacking >.>

Most of my calculations were accurate within a very, very tiny variance (less than 1%). However Thrash is just completely messed up.

I’ve tried every way I can think of to use Blizzard’s datamined Tooltip information, and I just can’t get correct values when I use it. Not even close. It doesn’t make any sense.

If anyone has any insight they’d like to share with me I’m all ears.

I’ve also added Pulverize damage with 3 different weapons (Heroic Seliza’s, Malevolence, and Herioc Malevolence). I was going to add Mangle, but I had a small damage variance that I just couldn’t account for. Maybe I’ll try and figure it out again later, but eh. Part of me feels like it’s counting the bonus from MSS twice. Maybe I’ll respec later to test that theory.

Anyways, here is the sheet.

Maybe one of these days I’ll add pretty pictures to it too.

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  1. Meeble

    Ah HA. I was writing an essay when you posted it on your blog, but you’ve reminded me and made a new picture.


    I’m afraid I’ve also taken the liberty of altering your spreadsheet a bit (damn that thing has a lot of hidden columns) all I’ve done is extend all the AP and threat values up to 50k in steps of 5k. Oh, and claimed sheet three as my own and put in a graph :P
    I shall now attempt to e-mail it to you via info@teamwafflecast.com should you wish to take a look :>

    The graph uses the pulverize value with the heroic malevolence, so for most of us in practice it’s a few thousand lower (so lower than lacerate into arbitrarily high AP values).

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