Dec 06

Welcome to Team Wafflecast

Every week Team Waffle will gather together to record a Podcast about what cool things we’ve done, applicable WoW news, a “trending” topic and finish with a Q&A session. We’ll try and get some guests from the community to join us periodically for your entertainment.

The Team Waffle Podcast is brought to you by:

  • Arielle (@Riftmaker) of Death Kitty
  • Reesi (@reesify) of The Inconspicuous Bear
  • Lissanna (@restokin) of Restokin

And of course…  waffles for all your favorite forum trolls!

If you have a question that you would like to ask us, shoot it off to questions@teamwafflecast.com.


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  1. Chayrath

    Can Kitty has waffles? LOL

  2. Kaleesh

    This sounds amazing! Can’t wait to hear it guys.

  3. Russ Greene

    You’ve got another watcher here. :)

  4. Catsidhe

    I’m very excited for the waffles.I guess the podcast will be nice to.

  5. Dlan

    I’ve been following the work of all 3 of you and am very excited about the podcast. Thank You. Please continue your excellent work know that your making a positive impact on up and coming druids (… and the PUG’s that run with them ). Regards : A Loyal Fan

  6. Warpig

    Super excited for you guys! My ears yearn for the sound purring, growling, hooting, and …um… barking.

  7. Kazeem

    Loved the first podcast! Thanks so much, I am rather new to the Druid world so I love hearing about Current issues and what end game players are dealing with. I’m not there yet, but this is a good education. Thanks so much for putting out these podcasts.

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