Dec 20

Team Waffle Episode #1 Now Live!

The very first episode of the Team Waffle podcast is now available for download. You can find it Here.

Let us know what you think!


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  1. Rokano

    Nice job guys, looking forward to the next one! Funny hearing your voices for once. And yes Reesi, you are geared to the teeth!

  2. Liz

    Yay!! Can’t wait to listen! Downloaded to MP3 player and ready to go!

  3. Lén

    I really enjoyed listening to your views on the new abilities and the pain on the forums.
    I’ll keep on listening for sure, but if you can work on the soundquality a bit, that would be great! <3

    keep em coming!

    1. Arielle

      Yeah, it’s on the list to do for sure. Unfortunately I’m no audio engineer, but I’ll do my best!

  4. Aqusinna

    Only listened to tidbits right now but it sounds good!

    So, did I get from you guys that you all avoid tanking Pugs?

    1. Arielle

      I avoid them like the plague. Once my brother (Holy Priest) and I get a bit more gear we might get adventurous and try carrying some people. However I haven’t had particuarly good experiences thus far. There was one HOO group I tanked for that was actually very decent and used CC/Interrupts, but the rest of them have been utter shit.

      1. Aqusinna

        I had 4K JP saved up for 85, dropped about 2K on gems and enchants and jumped into Heroic randoms the moment I hit 85. Runs have been pretty successfull so far.

      2. Lissanna

        I’m pretty much terrified of PUGs because people haven’t learned how to slow down & pay attention yet.

  5. Nephiande

    Just a quick suggestion, you should add a link to the podcast feed ( http://teamwafflecast.com/?feed=rss2&tag=podcast ) someplace prominent on the site… The link will work just fine as long as you remember to mark all actual podcast posts with the “podcast” tag.

    1. Arielle

      Yeah I do need to do that. Unfortunately it may be a little more complicated than that for me as I want to create a feed that can be submitted to iTunes.

      I’m definitely going to do it when I get home though. Thanks :)

  6. Sionel

    I like :) Nice work, looking forward to the next episode, whenever it should be.

    Very refreshing to hear a bunch of druids talking about things from a class perspective!

  7. Nephiande

    Listened to it this morning, you’ve done a pretty impressive job first time and all!

    All 3 of you are really well spoken but aren’t trying to 1-up each other, which is already more than a lot of wow-related podcasts have to offer – this will definitely be a mainstay on my iPod :)

  8. Anei

    Really enjoyed the podcast, listened to it while pugging H:SFK I actually seem to have the problem of I progress farther/faster with pugs than in guild runs. Keep up the work, can’t wait for the next one!

  9. Lereth

    Will you put it on iTunes?

    1. Arielle

      That is the plan yes. However it has to be submitted first, and in order to do that you have to have at least one episode done, and an RSS feed for it. To make it more complicated, the RSS feed has to have specific tags in it.

      I’ve been away from home since the 18th (which is why it took so long to post in the first place). But I’m definitely going to try and get it up there when I get home.

  10. Isharl

    Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast, its great to have something just for us Druids. Hope you keep it up and looking forward to the next one.

    Hope you all had a great Christmas =)

  11. Lapassion

    Hey guys, great show i’ll be listenin to every episode from now on, so keep up the good work, cya.

  12. Urkuid

    Great job folks. A nice start with the ‘show’. I like the idea of a one stop shop for all druid specs as I have 2 Druids and play all specs. So when is the next instalment ?

    Urkuid (Deathwing EU)

    1. Lissanna

      We’ll record our next show in “early January”, once Reesi is back from her vacation. We wanted to record something this week, but Reesi & my vacations didn’t line up (ie. I got back after she left).

  13. Ihra

    Listening to it now, it’s purdy so far..but

    *cough* *choke* *sputter* nobody PVPs???

    /sad panda

    1. Lissanna

      Nope. Some episode in the future, we should have a PvP druid come on the show as a guest and talk about pvp. :)

      1. Arielle

        I’ve got someone lined up for Resto / Boomkin Arena and BGs. If I was a real baller I’d try and track down Datah or DeeP for Feral PvP >.>

        1. Ihra

          Huzzah, I look forward to it!

          Keep up the good work :)

  14. Threa

    Fantastic job on the first episode. I like the idea going around of having a PvP segment.

  15. Aquila

    Really enjoyed the podcast. Mature but relaxed. Have returned to my Druid after months of warrior and Mage leveling. Why did I ever leave? Looking forward to more from you. Your effort is really appreciated. What you do increases my enjoyment of the game. Thanks.

  16. Hatschi

    Loved the Show. XD
    Ill definitely keep checking her along with “The Inconspicuous Bear” for new Stuff.
    You don’t have to be the best Story Teller for the DM stuff to make at least me grin (been there. done that. still very cautious about it – but still fried kitty ftw!;) ).

    All the best to Lissanna and her PhD Studies.

    Hatschí – Kil’jaeden EU

  17. Riegnman

    Finally! Someone else on Suramar! I don’t think that I have ever heard anybody else on Suramar that has anything else worth saying (or hearing). I knew that Suramar had to have something to offer. Thank you so much for this. My faith in WoW is restored. . .

    1. Arielle

      I’m a long time player, first time community member so-to-speak. Mostly what started me getting into it was modelling Swipe after it go nerfed to the ground. After that it was modelling damage/threat for Bear abilities since EJ didn’t seem to care that much that practically all of their info was wrong, and the tooltips being completely inaccurate just started pissing me off.

      Dunno how long you’ve been on Suramar for, but I used to play a warrior named Katarn if that means anything to you.

  18. Chezza

    Hey! Listening to the first podcast now. It’s good and looking forward to more. Take care.

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