Dec 31

Happy New Years from Team Waffle!

Hey everyone! We are not recording our podcast this week, either, due to the holidays. I know many people are waiting with anticipation for the next installment of our podcast. It’s likely that our next podcast may not be posted until around January 10th, due to how the recording schedule will work out.  Hopefully after the holidays are over, we’ll get onto a more frequent podcast recording schedule. Please “bear” with us while we work out the kinks with trying to organize our schedules to better line up in the future. ;)

I hope you all have a great New Years Eve and New Years Day! May your waffles always be warm and buttery!


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  1. Mm

    Hi, I cant wait for the next pod cast. When will it be? I want your opinions on our nerfbat on the PTR, plix! :)

  2. Lissanna

    We are recording our next show tonight. I have a cold still, so the show will be extra fun with me hopped up on cold meds. Yay!

    It should hopefully be posted to this website by Monday, Jan. 10th – if all the editing stays on schedule (I’m going to have to figure out how to mute my mic so that all the coughing doesn’t get picked up).

  3. Primal

    Can’t wait and can someone please tell everyone to stop QQing, its exactly what the lesser classes want us to do. It’s a Conspiracy by the secret anti druid lobby.

    1. Lissanna

      We just finished recording episode 2! It should be posted on Monday. We definitely talked about how the sky isn’t falling. ;)

      1. Reesi

        Indeed! ^^ Sky is not falling. I sweaaaars it.

        1. Primal

          Good to hear, cant wait till Monday /tar self /cast hibernate

  4. Kazeem

    Can’t wait until Monday!!

  5. mmmm

    Im so bored at work today, please post the new cast! :D

    1. Lissanna

      We had a few hiccups (like Arielle losing an hour and a half of work last night due to a crash, and my forgetting to upload my files in a timely manner on Saturday…). Hopefully it’ll be up by the end of tonight. Maybe you can be un-bored at work tomorrow? :)

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